About your photographer:

Hey! I’m Ashley (soon to be) Kosinski.
*insert happy dance here*

Also, I’m the photographer over at Silver Birch. ๏ปฟ

I’m awkward, so I’ll just jump right into this: I don’t want to pose you, because nobody enjoys that. I will take the awkwardness out of photoshoots, and even ask you to ignore me while I have you interact with one-another. I want to create a safe space for you, capture movement, bursts of joy + true emotion.

Tell me what made you into the person you are, your favourite colour, most embarrassing stories and what makes you want to spend forever together. Tell me how you found each other, and what had to happen in life to bring you together.

PS: I become friends with my couples, and cry at all their weddings. It’s so embarrassing, but so true.

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