Baby Bump Beauty.

Ash is a radiant, beautiful and a lovely Mama to-be. I’m mind blown by how she handles pregnancy with complete elegance, mixed with a nice dash of sass. We messaged back and forth with ideas, and worked together to create a shoot that was beautiful and creative! Going with the comfort of their home was perfect, as the morning light was absolutely on-point! I’m a rule breaker when it comes to photography, and I loved playing with the shadows and softness of the sun coming through their windows.

Ashley and Joe are the kind of people who make you believe in true love. (You think that’s too cheesy? Just go hang out with these guys, on a Monday morning, and take pictures. You’ll be saying cheesy things too.) They work as a team, tease each other and laugh along with one another.  Joe was nursing an injury and preparing for a doctor’s appointment when I got there. First he happily (with a hint of great sarcasm) jumped in for some pictures. The two of them are already a beautiful parenting team, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Baby Cassidy? You sure do make a cute baby bump. I’m excited to welcome you into this world. ❤



We slipped into the nursery for some crib pictures. Again, I just love their taste in decor and colour!


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