Costello Family

Karen, Nick, the kids and (of course) the dog were an absolute blast to work with! We chose the yard of their home (and B&B) for the shoot; featuring their gorgeous swing. When I arrived the snow was falling, and they already had the fire going.

We took a couple posed family pictures, and even those provided a few candid moments. In less than ten minutes a snowball fight broke out, and the whole family jumped in. (Let’s be honest, the pup wasn’t thrilled with this idea, but nevertheless she was cute!) Eventually the family was huddled around the fire warming their hands, climbing and making jokes.

Overall it was shoot full of laughs, sarcasm and fun… The way it should be!

IMG_0608IMG_0727IMG_0739IMG_0683IMG_0660-EditIMG_0647-Edit copyIMG_0890IMG_0687IMG_0767IMG_0768IMG_0783IMG_0776IMG_0779IMG_0771IMG_0788IMG_0801IMG_0812IMG_0830IMG_0756IMG_0927

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