I find it so easy to get into the rut of daily life, and forget about what’s really important. I also find it easy to become a hermit and forget how wonderful it is to spend time with the people I love. Except, then I have a night like tonight, and I remember. I remember so clearly.

This evening I got to sip wine, talk about every topic under the sun and enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of art with a couple magnificent souls. I also got to enjoy my friend’s glorious Matcha Latte, and good grief, it’s magic.

These girls are each their very own masterpiece. We have experienced a lot together. We’ve laughed a lot, cried a lot and fought. We’ve sat in kitchens, bedrooms, churches, studios and hospitals together. We’ve gone through change together, we’ve been confused together and we’ve gone through regret together. We’ve only known each other for a short time, but my god, so much can happen in such short periods of time.

It’s easy for me to stay where I feel safe; in the walls of my own home. It’s easy for me to protect myself, and keep my social circle so incredibly small (Let’s be real… Basically my boyfriend, parents and dog). It’s really easy for me to burry myself in work, photography and busy… Because to be honest? This world overwhelms me, and sometimes the thought of sharing myself with others is so exhausting.

I become anxious and stressed when I fall into a rut of isolation and complacency, and yet it’s so easy for me to do. I have a weird form of social anxiety, which I don’t quite understand yet, but when I push myself to go outside of that? When I push myself to let my guard down, and allow people to see the hidden parts of my soul? When I push myself to show those I trust me weaknesses? When I push myself to show up, and sip wine with friends, because I love them? When I push myself to admit to my boyfriend that I’ve been triggered, and I’m afraid again? When I push myself to let people in? Magic happens. Pure, intimate, magic.  So over the last few weeks I’ve been seeing my need to make more of an effort for deepening the relationships I already have, and tonight I extended that to these ladies who I’m lucky to have in my life.

So, another goal for 2018 (my other one is a more consistent sleep schedule. Hello 1am.. #betterlucknextyear.) is to invest more of me into my relationships. To step into a deeper form of vulnerability, and live more honestly with the handful I trust with my deepest parts. To find new levels, grow new lengths and love like the ocean. To make showing up for the people I love a priority. To let a busy society fade away, and remember what really matters; relationships.

to love freely and unconditionally
Goodnight Universe,

i love you a lot and thank you for giving me a beautiful life.

Ashley xo.

IMG_9822IMG_9851IMG_9858IMG_9857IMG_9871IMG_9883So tonight, I wanted to leave my blog with a few photographs of these incredible humans. They are truly golden, and they inspire me more and more every time we’re together. They challenge me to dig deeper and love harder. To show up and be seen. They teach me about what beauty is, and how important it is to believe in ourselves with humble honesty. These ladies are God’s gift to mankind, and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.

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