Do we crave comfort? Or do we crave adventure? i sometimes think i crave the comfort of certainty, absolutes, black and white. I want to know what’s going on, going to happen and has happened. i want to understand it to the core. i want to make choices, and not leave time for pros and cons. i am such an emotionally driven creature, and the part of me who is forced to adapt and keep up with this world? She craves routine, normalcy, predictability and certainty.  She needs it to get by.

The other side? The other side of comfort is what my heart beats for. adventure. risk. choice. creative. colour. grey. Everything except the mask i wear to make it in this world.

The other side of me is an artist, and wants to risk it all to create something beautiful. The other part of me wants to live without guilt or shame; and hold open hands to every experience that has and will happen. The other part of me, the true me, wants to look at everything through the eyes of an unguarded artist.

To let go of what this world has taught me, and hold onto what i already know. To see myself as equal. I want to run wild, naked, through this world. Naked without a guard, without a mask, without a filter; i want to live pure, honest and transparent.

i want us to see the universe, each other and our experiences in colour.

let’s wish away black and white and open our eyes.


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