Like the sound of music in the wind. The feeling of a surprise hug by the one you love. The lingering smell of sweet roses. All of these things describe the elegance of Kayleigh. Doing her senior shoot was everything you could imagine. It involved two frozen girls running like crazy people after the sun, a bundled up Mama driving around with a warm vehicle and doing her absolute best to keep it out of each picture. I laugh as I think about what it must have looked like from the outside looking in. We literally ran up and down their camp road; looking for any pockets of golden rays we could get. #worthit

I smiled as I watched this lady climb onto their skidoo, holding her dress in her arms and preparing to venture out onto the lake. This is one reason I love NWO. I laughed when we got stuck, and her Dad came to the rescue. I laughed harder when she dumped me off the skidoo, and I photographed her following her Dad’s advice to get free again.

It was bitter windy, and we froze our fingers. She bundled up when possible, but was game for doing what it took to gain the perfect shot. It was quite the sweet adventure.

This girl. She’s a musician, a lover of Christ and people, a figure skater, a photographer, a dedicated helper… She is a gift, and I have no doubt she’s going to do incredible things with the rest of her journey.

Here’s to new chapters, and celebrating the one’s we’ve been on. <3 IMG_2045-2-EditIMG_1369-2IMG_1474-2IMG_1535-2






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