“To create we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

We put this pressure on ourselves to look like our favourite IG page, or we try to memorize the Pinterest board before a shoot. We take ourselves out of our work, and we put our camera and social media in our place.

We stop creating. We start reproducing.

We become a copy, and the artist inside grows more discontent and sad.

I unfollowed my favourite photographers. Guys, I’m even friends with some of them, and I even miss them a little bit! I like watching their stories on IG, and I love seeing the moments they create. I also deleted my “photography this” board on Pinterest. (this was also a bit of a sad moment) However, I’ve began realizing my own artistic flare needs to be protected. Sooo, peace out fellow photographers. You’ll be missed!

So here’s my thing, I’m enjoying photoshoots now. I’m making something out of scratch, and creating beautiful stuff. I’m capturing raw moments; full of laughter and love. I’m photographing friends drinking coffee on a Saturday morning that turns into a mini “concert.”

I’m photographing the beautiful things like coffee (obviously the most beautiful, aside from the ladies), plants, flowers, sunshine. Mornings. Saturdays. Moments.

So I don’t think you can do it wrong. I think you’re an artist, and you just gotta go for it, and keep going for it. I don’t think you ever “make it” as an artist… Because I think you keep evolving throughout your whole life. It’s this part of you that grows as you grow, changes as you change and becomes more beautiful with every step.

These ladies? This day? Beautiful.

Morning Coffee66

Morning Coffee44Morning Coffee65Morning Coffee56

Morning Coffee11Morning Coffee41Morning Coffee67Morning Coffee68Morning Coffee42Morning Coffee47Morning Coffee14Morning Coffee62Morning Coffee73Morning Coffee61Morning Coffee72Morning Coffee60Morning Coffee70

Morning Coffee49Morning Coffee76Morning Coffee79Morning Coffee77Morning Coffee05Morning Coffee02Morning Coffee07Morning Coffee12Morning Coffee83Morning Coffee13

Morning Coffee16Morning Coffee26Morning Coffee04Morning Coffee27Morning Coffee29Morning Coffee35Morning Coffee34

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