I’m sitting in my living room, and reflecting back on another wonderful adventure with my Love. I find myself homesick for our car, and eager to save for another road trip. For now, I sit in our living room, sipping my coffee and looking back at the highlights.

Michael and I began our relationship with the the mutual goal of mindfulness; living in the present moment, and embracing everything it holds. This allows for all sorts of adventures. On road trips we rarely hesitate to take time out for a spontaneous tour of a small town. We often find ourselves abruptly pulling over, diving out of the car and chasing that perfect landscape shot… Or heck, waiting by road-kill until the eagles return. Let’s be real, that last one was one of the less glamorous moments. Also, let’s be honest, those Eagles never came back. #youwinsomeyoulosesome

However, when I reflect back on our latest adventure, one of the greatest experiences was waking into the most lovely coffee shop in Didsbury, Alberta.

Vintage Coffee Bar.

Elegant, detailed, calming, an escape, country with a shadow of New York… These are just a handful of the words I’d use to describe this sweet haven.

Michael and I approached the counter, and I realized I hadn’t even decided on what to order. I was too busy admiring the daylight pouring in through the window, the open space for customers, and behind the barn doors; a lovely private place to meet.

“This shop is incredible,”  was all I could say.

I quickly followed that by impulsively reading the menu, and ordering the first thing that caught my eye. (My A-type boyfriend already took in the whole building, read the whole menu and knew exactly what he wanted… How an artist and A-type personality fell in love, I have no idea, but it’s wonderful)


With you, I have a life I thought never possible. I laugh more, smile more and dream more. I feel more, and let my heart speak a little more. I become more like the girl I was always meant to be, because I found a safe place to drop all these masks. I found a love I stopped believing to be real, and learned it’s more than a girl could imagine. I found the best adventure, the sweetest story and the most lovely pages in a book so far. I found me, and then I found you, and together we found what life is really made of. 

Coffee with a Ginger cookie for him, and a London Fog for me. The employees were kind and cheerful; complimenting our style, and providing excellent service. (The next day, one of the girls complimented me on how hot my boyfriend was, and I could not agree more :)) We walked towards the window, and sat on a bar stool.  A wooden table lined the wall, and provided an elegant surface to set our goods. We typically people watch if we go into a restaurant or coffee shop, but that day, I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

We were smiling and laughing together, and then an idea came to me, “I should ask if I could feature them on my website!” I exclaimed.
Michael did what he always does, and encouraged me to pursue my dreams like wildfire; so I did.

The owner, Brooke, kindly invited me back the next morning for a photoshoot. The following morning I woke with enthusiasm as I placed my camera, lenses and other equipment into my bag and made my way to Vintage Coffee Bar.

I experienced this magical atmosphere from behind my lens. I got to visit with two gentlemen who were from Didsbury, and laughed at their stories and comments. I watched as the owner worked hard, and still made time to walk into the seating area and visit her guests. I talked with employees, and heard bits and pieces of their story. It felt like I made friends in this little shop. I got to express my love for coffee, photography… and Winners; where most of my clothing comes from.

I took in all the details; wooden signs made by a friend, throw pillows lining a bench, blankets draped over chic furniture, authentic lighting, tables created by a friend, impeccable service and a room full of people enjoying their time.

I’m a highly sensitive and empathetic woman, which means atmosphere is exceptionally important to me. That day I was really overtired, which makes regulating emotions a little lot more difficult. How wonderful is it to walk into a coffee shop, and instantly feel your body breathing easy as you take in the warm and inviting service. This is a safe place to relax, visit with people you love, do some studying, go on a date or simply grab your morning coffee. It’s also an excellent place to do a photoshoot. 🙂 It’s a place that makes, living in the moment, a pleasure.

When I returned home I looked at their facebook page, and saw a quote in honour of International Woman’s Day that read, “Behind every successful woman is Herself.”

Brooke created a beautiful space, runs her business right and has gained the support of an entire town. You can see a woman who has high respect for her business, and does not cut a single corner. Her brand, detailed decor, cleanliness, customer service, excellent staff, product quality were all a 20 on a scale of 1-10. This woman is successful, and is making a difference in this world.

I will be back to Didsbury to see family, and will most definitely be visiting Vintage Coffee Bar again.

For now, I’ll sign off, and let the pictures tell the rest.





Brooke visiting her guests, and hearing all of their stories.








Melody, one of the employees of Vintage Coffee, talked about how it felt like a family working together. She was such a pleasure to visit with, and made me feel like a valued customer of the Bistro.



I was so excited about the details, that I just HAD to check out the washroom! I knew they would hold the same quality, and I was not disappointed. This mirror, those walls and the cleanliness! 


10 Comments on “Vintage Coffee Bar

  1. Wow Girl! You are amazing in all ways! Beauty inside and out!! And TALENT! Thank you so much for coming to see us at Vintage, cannot wait for you to come back!! Xx

  2. What a beautiful homage to one of my favourite people and the beautiful place she has created. Your work is delightful, soulful, connect. Thank you for this.

    • Yvonne, thank you so much for those words. Thank you for checking it out, and for taking the time to share your own words! She created an incredible place, and it goes to show what an amazing person she is!

  3. You captured this woman, Brooke, and her dream to a tea (get it?).

    This is a LOVELY shop with great staff, great drinks, great treats and a great owner! The space that Brooke created is majestic.

    It’s so amazing to have this GEM in our little town.

    You’re very talented! Welcome to our little piece of home. (As our community takes credit for this treasure!).

    • Lovely is right!! She really out did herself!! I have had a lot of people, in my little home town, comment on how they want to visit Vintage! I just tell them to go for it 🙂 Thank you so much! It was a pleasure getting to be a part of your little piece of home.

      Also, “dream to a tea” Nicely done.. 🙂

  4. What a delightful addition to Didsbury this Vintage Coffee Shop is – Brooke you have brought a place of charm, character, comfort and delicious food presented in beautiful dishes with care and charisma – thank you Didsbury so needed this !!

  5. My absolute favourite place in Didsbury for a coffee, a lunch, a chat with a friend. Brooke and her staff are so welcoming! The coffee and food are excellent. Thanks for checking them out!

  6. You are a fantastic photographer. Thank you so much for featuring our wonderful coffee shop. I enjoyed the whole blog. Cheers!
    Gera Dina Robinson

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