What would be the most common question I get before a shoot? The most common question I ask myself every morning?

What the heck should I wear? (Now just picture me changing ten times, clothing everywhere, my boyfriend laughing/shaking his head and finally putting on the first pair of blue jeans and Tshirt I tried on…#nailedit)

We’ve all been there.

I can’t dig through your closet, and tell you what to wear. I mean, I would if you wanted me to, but most client’s won’t want their photographer digging through their wardrobes. I also can’t tell you what to wear based on what I would wear. Why? Because photography is about authenticity. I want to see you, because you do you best. Also, because you is beautiful. So I can’t tell you want to wear, but I can give you advice of what works best on your side of the lens.

This is the first article in the “what should I wear” series. Next I will be talking about what clothes flatter what body types.

Here’s a list of tips and tricks for you!

  1. Let’s talk about you– My first rule, especially for parents, is to start with your outfit first. Once you have that figured out, you can use it to build the other outfits. I know a parent’s instinct is to put the kids first, but this time I encourage you to put yourself first. You can find cute clothes for your kiddo in every shape, colour and style. They probably don’t understand what it’s like to be insecure yet, and they will most likely be comfortable in almost anything. You’ve lived in society long enough to feel the insecurity it brings, and question your own looks. So this time, pick out that outfit you love, and build an entire look for your family.- Now that we’ve got “you first” covered… Let me move onto my second rule. Love Your BodyThat’s right. Second rule to picking out an outfit for your shoot is to love love love that goddess of a body that you’ve got. Love every inch of it, every curve, ever flaw and every perfection. Don’t go into picking out an outfit with the negative self-talk. Go into it thinking about what you could paint this beautiful canvas with, and then rock your style. Pick what makes you feel real good, and own it. Pick what looks great on your body. If you’re confident and comfortable, I promise the pictures will be absolutely radiant.

    – You are beautiful. Love your body the way it is. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful; there are no rules for this! Be you. 

    Morning Coffee49IMG_4925_DSC0229IMG_8975

  2. Now let’s talk about colour–  Colour is very much so an individual thing. I put colours together, and my rational minded sister looks at me like I’m crazy. She puts colours together, and I tell her she should add a few different colours to mix it up. Comprende? However, I will give you a few tips and what works real well, and what doesn’t.- I encourage replacing matching with coordinating. Matching makes everything the same, and leaves less room for creativity. It would be like painting a canvas all one colour. Boring, right? However, when you paint a canvas with a little mint, some pink and white? Stunning. So don’t go with blue jeans and white shirts for everyone.

    – Avoid extremely bright and fluorescent clothing. They just don’t get along really well with the camera. Fluorescent colours can make skin tones look off, put colours on white walls and cause all kinds of havoc.  Take primary colour and build variations from there.


    The only thing I will tell you to do isssss to… NOT wear these shades for a shoot. Fluorescents will do nothing for you. 🙂


    These are your happy place! Go with primary colours, and create whatever look you like!


    Like this!


    Or this!


    oooooooor this!


    And this!


    Oooooh but this is pretty too!


    These besties are a GREAT example! The different colours, but similar palette, really bring the picture together and add more interest.


Okay, I think you get the picture. An idea that always works is googling or Pinteresting (that’s a word now) something like, “Spring colour palette” and going with those colour combos. You’ll figure it out, and I’m always up for figuring it out with you!

3. Now onto the boring ol’ practicality

– I feel like practicality is one that we don’t reaaaallly love to talk about when it comes to getting ready for a shoot. It’s boring, but it’s important. I try and make everything perfect for my clients… But unfortunately, Mother Nature and I don’t always see eye-to-eye. Weather will do it’s thing, regardless, and so my advice is to give in and go with it.

– We are heading into Spring, and that makes this part a lot easier. If you have that cute tank top, wear it, but throw a sweater in the bag that you love with it. If it’s warm and you don’t need it, great! If it’s cold, take a few without, but wear it once in awhile. Cold people make tense pictures, and relaxed is always best. 🙂

Put your kids in something they will be warm and comfortable in. Kids don’t care if they look perfect for a shoot, but… They care if they are cold. If they are a baby, they will most likely cry throughout the whole shoot if they aren’t cozy. If they are a toddler, they might listen and give a smile here and there… But they won’t be jazzed about it. Make comfort the top priority for them, like I said before, you can get cute clothes in every shape and style for them. (I will probably do an entire post about winter outfit picking)

– If you are buying new clothes for your shoot…. First, make that shopping trip fun. Bring your best friend, grab a coffee and let your creativity flow!
Second, buy clothes to fit. It’s your shoot, and this is the one time a parent can justify buying clothes that fit perfectly right now. I know your kids may grow out of them quickly, but your pictures will last forever, so it’s worth it. Good fitting clothes are the way to go! (Also, I never discourage thrift shopping; it’s better for the earth, bank and won’t be quite so frustrating when the kids grow out of the clothes you purchased a couple hours later… ha)

-Buy clothes that fit your body. Don’t try and look like your best friend, or like the model you see. Pick your favourite part of your body, and embrace it. If you like your legs, buy skinny jeans that show them off and make you feel good. If you like your waist, buy an outfit that embraces your waist. If you like your butt, embrace it. If you like your arms, show those guys off! I think you get it now… Long story short, Dress to impress yourself.

2IMG_2716IMG_2757IMG_6451 copyIMG_1110IMG_0727IMG_0660-Edit

4. Layer it up!

–  Layers look AWESOME in photographs. A pair of cute boots, skinny jeans with rolled cuffs, a tank, a cardigan, necklace…. Let’s just throw a hat in there for fun! Layers add dimension and texture to picture, and they make a photography more captivating.



Side note: Show off your style AND your kiddos style! It will always make the pictures that much more precious!


And that is my list of tips and advice for you.

To sum it up? Confidence is your best accessory. Know who you are, and let your wardrobe represent that. You are beautiful, and the camera knows it!

Remember: Start with loving your body, pick your colour palette, choose your outfit, build your family’s outfits and get ready to rock your session 🙂

Also, never be afraid to ask my advice. I’ve had countless clients send me pictures of their options, and together we have created a beautiful look for the family. I can always be contacted via my website, social media or through text at 807-738-4904.

I hope this helps!


PS: I will be posting another article talking about what looks best on different body shapes. Stay tuned. 🙂

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