Lily Vienna came into this world, and changed the lives of two individuals. She stole hearts, and made one couple into a beautiful little family.

I love this little family. They are so fun to be around, and always keep me laughing. Cara is a kindhearted & strong woman. She’s an incredible Momma already. Mark is carefree and keeps people laughing, also, it’s easy to see Lily is a total daddy’s girl already.

Newborn shoots use to scare me, a lot. I felt overwhelmed by something so small and delicate… But I’ve learned they are a beautiful way to slow down with the camera. A newborn session usually consists of sipping coffee, visiting with the parents and capturing every little toe and roll on that precious babe.

(Sometimes it also includes being peed and pooped on, but that’s just a good form of birth control for this photographer 😉 )

These sessions don’t scare me anymore. I look forward to them. I enjoy seeing new life, and seeing parents adjust to their new crazy normal. I love capturing their newborn in a very natural and authentic style. I love seeing their babe look around, and take in whatever their little eyes can see.

I love it all, and I loved this session.

Thank you Mark and Cara for giving me the opportunity to meet little Lily, and visit with you guys…. Even though it cut into Super Bowl Sunday a little:)

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