I have thought about doing more personal blogging for a long time, and I’ve had requests to do so. I have resisted though. I often feel like I don’t have it together enough to blog, or I don’t have a good enough grasp on who I am ooooor wonder who the heck wants to read what I have in this curly head of mine? Either way, I decided to give it a shot!

So, first off? Who am I?

Haha, do any of us actually know the answer to that?

I vote no 🙂

But, here are some facts about me for now:

I’m 24 years old.

-I love the sunrise more than the sunset.
-I like dogs, but love my dog.
-I want to live an adventurous life; complete with disconnecting from social norms and
embracing what is. I would live within the walls of a camper van, and be completely satisfied drinking camp coffee the rest of my days.
-I have an incredible future husband, and I didn’t know I could ever fall in love the way I have fallen for him. (I’ll blog about our story later)
-I have learned more about grace in a courthouse than church. I don’t go to church for this reason.
-I love candy – anyone who says otherwise met me in an attempt to quit eating sugar, and doesn’t know the real me at all. I can eat a bag of gummies in record time.
-I think positive body image is really important, and being skinny is real overrated
-I’m a highly sensitive human, and it’s made me stronger.
-I want to spend this life living it to the fullest, gathering less stuff, making more memories and embracing my faith and people wholeheartedly
-2019 is my year for working on self-acceptance

I have decided to stop waiting until I have it all figured out, and start living my life instead. <3

That’s all for now.

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  1. Beautiful. And True . So grateful you have come into our lives with all your perfections and imperfections (though the latter are minor and few) and love. We love this beautiful person.

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