The hair, makeup, outfit? We think those are the things that make a picture. We spend so much time making sure it’s all perfect, and YES they do help complete an image, but that is because they show off your beautiful, radiant and smoking hot personality and heart! The shoots that are beautiful? They are the ones where we let go of the details, and we embrace the moment with one-another. We relax and feed off the trust that makes a relationship what it is.

We don’t need a cookie-cutter shoot. We need love, smiles, confidence and laughter. We get to show up, and let ourselves be really seen. A beautiful shoot is when we are wild and free.

Jen and Shaun did my absolute favourite thing ever. They had a babysitter, got ready for their shoot, showed up looking totally fabulous… And then they threw on their ski pants & winter coats. They were up for ANYTHING, and their adventure shoot was nothing short of amazing.

These two have a love that is felt from across the room. Jen is undeniably herself, and her husband adores her for it. They keep each other laughing, smiling and admit that board-games are a no-go, because they are both fiercely competitive. We climbed a small trail, climbed through snow up to our waist as they spun in circles, kissed and danced while whispering about the ribs being made for dinner that evening. These two have beautiful souls, and this shoot will always leave me smiling with warm fuzzy feels.


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