I created a wedding planning binder that I found online the other day. I’m a scatter brain, and so this is helpful in making our wedding more organized than my mind 😉

I was looking through the timeline for getting stuff done, and found this:

10 months before wedding: Begin diet and start workout schedule.
6 months before wedding: hammer down on diet, workout as much as possible.

It’s extremely common for brides to diet before their wedding. I’ve learned a lot about the Keto diet through wedding photography. It’s okay if you want to diet. I’m not totally opposed to it, and if it’s something you’ve wanted to do for a long time – then by all means, do it.

I’m not going to though. Why?

I started to. I created a diet plan, dabbled in Keto and had a variety of other ideas. I just couldn’t get the idea of my wedding dress fitting a slim body… Like all those pictures I see all over Pinterest. I wanted to wear whatever I wanted on our honeymoon and feel smokin’. I learned some stuff between when I got this idea and now though.

You know what I want on my wedding day? I want to wake that morning with a heart full of joy because I get to marry a man unlike any other. Because I get to experience a whole day of celebrating that we found each other, fell in love and are becoming one. I want to lay in bed that morning daydreaming about hearing our own written vows, our first look, the fact that we are going to climbs hills while making coffee for our wedding pictures and of course dancing the night away with him and the people we love.

On my wedding day? I don’t want to be thinking about how good I look because I was on a diet for ten months. I want to be thinking about how much I love the man who asked me to marry him, and how happy I am that he loves me unconditionally and powerfully.

I want to wake with my girls, my mom, his mom… Hopefully my dog, ha! And I want to sip mimosas, eat cheese and listen to good music. I want to do some yoga to clear my mind, go for a jog in nature and then I want us to laugh, smile, dance while having an incredible time getting ready.

I want to put my wedding dress on. My dress that feels good on my body as it is. My wedding dress that shows my personality. My dress that I love. (that’s all I can say, because I’m keeping it top secret from Michael ;))

I want to embrace the moment my Dad walks me down the aisle, because I think there was a time when neither of us thought we’d get that moment. Because after really traumatic experiences with relationships; we both get to celebrate a man in my life better than either of us could have imaged.

On our wedding I want to laugh when things go completely not as planned, when imperfections happen. I want to laugh if it’s snowing, raining or whatever else mother-nature throws at us. I want to live in every moment there is, and be completely consumed by them.

I’m not dieting, because that is not what our relationship is about. Body size has never been a focus for us. Adventures, overcoming and mad love – that is what our wedding is about.

I’m not dieting because society’s view of beauty isn’t allowed to take away from how special this day is. Ever since I was little I dreamed of getting married. The dream never really went away, but my hope did. Not because I wasn’t meeting anyone… Because after experiencing damaging relationships, after being sick, after being judged and told I would never be able to have a good relationship, after being raped and after being an unhealthy person in a relationship with an unhealthy person? I never dreamed I’d meet such an amazing person, and I definitely never thought a man like this could love me, my story and our life together.

Our wedding is my picture of hope. It’s a demonstration of why we should never give up. It’s proof that bad times can become beautiful chapters. It’s beautiful, and every single size of body that is there? Will be absolutely stunning dressed in confidence.

PS: I can’t wait to wear whatever the heck I want on our honeymoon, because I know I will have a husband who sees me as a total babe. Also, because I’m learning to really love this body that has gotten me so far.


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  1. So beautiful! So wise…and so kind. (And so looking forward to sipping mimosas with you on that joy-filled day 😘

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