1. We grew slow and steady.
    I was actually in therapy when we met. I remember talking to my therapist about my concern that I was in this new relationship, and there were no dramatic moment of instant love. I also admitted that I didn’t know if I could trust him. There were no reasons not to, but that didn’t mean I could!
    She smiled at me, and told me that was healthy. She reminded me that you can’t trust someone after a couple months of knowing one-another.
    Trust, the real kind, is grown like anything else grows. It’s like a plant starting out as a seed, and over time & good care, grows into something so beautiful. We grew like one of my favourite plants; strong, vibrant and beautiful.

    PS. we kept our relationship alive a lot better than I keep my favourite plants alive. Don’t take that analogy to heart if you can’t keep those babes alive. It’s hypothetical đŸ˜‰

  2. He treats me like gold.
    He showers me with love, validation, understanding and loyalty. He forgives me when my anxiety shows in snappy & grumpy ways. He reminds me anger isn’t a bad emotions. He is my partner, and his strengths help my weaknesses.

    I grew to trust this man more than I have ever trusted a human in my life. He says these exact words every single night, whether he’s home or away: “Goodnight my amazing, beautiful and perfect Ashley. Sweet wonderful dreams. I’ll see you in the morning (or soon, if he’s away), I love you more and more each day.”

    If I’m having a bad day, he can tell right away. I can’t hide anything from this man. He will ask me if I’m okay, and if I say yes, he will tell me he doesn’t believe me. When I finally admit I’m struggling with anxiety or depression, he listens. He hears me, he loves me and he helps in anyway he can. He doesn’t try to fix it, he just loves me through it.

    He makes me dinner, tells me my cooking is good (I’m not so sure) and is the hardest woking man around.

    He buys me ice cream, crushes chocolate and makes it into a date night.

    I’m not kidding. People tell you to wait for a man like him, and somehow, I met him. Somehow, I got incredibly lucky.

  3. He trusted me, even when a stranger told him not to.
    Michael and I met right after the worst few months of my life. I didn’t realize how ill I was, and my mind had a full on PTSD meltdown. It went on autopilot, and collected a lot of baggage along the way. After a near death experience, I realized what had happened. I began to get small control over my mind again, and I made a choice to make things right. I began cleaning up my life, and in the painful process realized I needed to get healthy. I had gotten help, made the choice to be real and life began to really fall into place after that for the first time ever.

    I was upfront and honest with Michael from the start. (that’s actually a funny story for another day) He knew what I was struggling with, the mistakes I’d made and the growing I was doing. However, it wasn’t long into dating he got a message from a fake facebook account using my mistakes against me.

    The truth is always the best ground to stand on.

    He knew everything this person tried to use, and he saw me as a person who made mistakes, but was doing my best to make them right. He let me be imperfect, – baggage and all.

  4. He makes me better.
    Michael helped me work through bitterness and resentment. He never counselled me though. He never even made suggestions, told me I needed to forgive or let me know I was seeing people through (scared) black & white eyes.

    He leads by example. He loves openly, he sees the best in people and he gives them grace when they do things I would have judge them for.

    His example made me realize that I’ve hurt people, and could be forgiven. His example taught me that the people who have hurt me, they have a story, and I could love them/extend empathy to them too.

    He’s also a hard worker, keeps me going when I am scared/want to quit and calls me out when I’m being a butthead đŸ™‚

  5. He is really freaking amazing.

    We both like gummies dried out, chocolate frozen and meat rare.

    Also, he’s a total Babe.

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