We planned this shoot, and it went from being a milk bath to an enchanted-garden-milk-bath. It was beautiful, and almost had me in tears.

The morning of this shoot I went out and picked some wild lupins. My lovely momma offered to help, and I have no idea how many we got in the end. I used a strong fishing line with a sewing needle to create garland, and no damage hooks to hang them with.

After that I collected wild ferns, some tree blossoms, candles and white lights. When I got to my beautiful client’s house, I went to work at transforming a bathroom into a garden.

For the first half of the shoot her son was napping, and we got to make her the centre of attention. I love letting Mom’s have the spotlight, and showing them just how gorgeous they are!!

After some time went by her little guy woke. He happily joined in the tub, splashed, hugged, climbed and took it all in. I loved doing a shoot that involved something the child LOVED. It makes for natural and beautiful photos.

This girl and her special bond with her son – melts my heart. <3

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