Lately people have been asking me for tips on how to overcome something like depression, anxiety and PTSD. I struggle to answer because that’s a BIG question. You can’t summarize it into a message.

I guess the biggest thing I learned is to relentlessly be yourself & learn how to cope in a healthy & efficient way.

Be yourself:

When it’s uncomfortable.
When it’s unaccepted.
When it’s unpopular.
When it’s scary.

Be yourself, fully, and embrace the chaos that comes with shedding layers that weren’t meant for you. You’ll feel like you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, but the uncertainty is where the good stuff is.

Tell the truth, even when it’s scary.

Be honest with yourself, even when feeling the pain feels like death.

Radically accept the shitty, the scary, the stuff you hate and the painful chapters. Radically accepting doesn’t mean you agree with it…. But you accept it, because until you do this, you’ll fight it your whole life and that is so much harder in the end.

Face your reflection, and look to see what’s underneath all the layers. There is someone wanting love, and nobody else can love her/him back to life except yourself.

Accept your story & dare to love yourself along the way. I have been in the mental hospitals, in trouble with the law, I’ve stayed in shitty relationships, I’ve lied, I’ve attempted suicide twice, I’ve used, I have hurt people…The list goes on.

I have no shame because if we are honest, we all have chapters we don’t want to read out loud. My story makes me proud because all those things? I owned them, fought through them and overcame them. I’m 25 and have a lifetime to live, because I made a choice to deal with my baggage. I made right what I made wrong. My valleys made me stronger, and I’m happy I chose to fight through them.

Believe that your story doesn’t define you… What you choose to do with it does & every sunrise is a new day for new choices. (But, sometimes you’re sick and emotions are highjacked. This puts you in fight or flight – if you can’t think clearly, and you’re in a bad place… let your choice be to own it and go to the hospital)

Walk away from the things (and people) that aren’t mean for you. Will you lose people? Yeah, probably. Sometimes you will lose a whole community. You will get rejected, which was a huge fear of mine…. But you’ll gain a life that makes you happy to be alive.

You probably have no idea who you are. Don’t jump into a group that is easy to be accepted into. It’s an easy identity to wear, but it never ends well. Do a lot soul searching, challenge any absolutes, be brutally honest about what is true to you and listen to your intuition.

To make all this happen? It took individual therapy, group therapy, building a support circle out of core people and trying again and again. I couldn’t be myself until I got stripped down, got help and rediscovered myself.

So I guess the answer is to commit to letting go of what you know/been taught, step into the unknown, do the hard stuff, rebuild by getting proper help and find a core support group that is going to walk through your unique twists and turns with you.

Disclaimer: is hard as heck, but worth it x10000

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