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“She loved the smell of warm coffee, bloomed roses and new beginnings.”






Love, connection, milestones and adventure. This is why I do photography. Freezing moments in time make us stop, look, breathe and take in what really matters. I want to give my clients both the experience and the result; making the shoot fun, relaxing and a breath of fresh air… While giving them pictures they can treasure for a lifetime and hand down throughout generations.

Who am I? I’m a photographer based out of the small town of Sioux Lookout, Ontario. My love for the art of photography was created through times or trial and challenges; I guess it’s the beauty that came out of the storm. It soon became my greatest hobby; I loved the feeling of capturing exactly what a scene made me feel. I loved the language photography gave me. I went professional after my Grandpa passed away, and listened to his advice to attend some courses and follow my heart. (You can read more about that over at my “Dear Granda” page.

I’m a girl with a head of curls, a love for life and big dreams. I love activities that make me slow down, feel and experience the present… Like making coffee in the morning, walking through the trees and a little yoga here and there. I like thrift shopping, book reading and popcorn with Netflix. I love to climb mountains, dive into deep water and explore abandoned houses. I’m spontaneous, emotionally minded and always working to better myself. I’m an artist who loves to wear overalls, explore mountains and go bare-foot. I’m made up of a sensitive heart, a strong mind and a passion to make each day the best adventure possible.


Also, side-note, this is my crazy bush-pilot-best-friend-boyfriend and my sidekick Remi. Also pretty fabulous parts of me.



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