Hey! I’m Ashley (soon to be) Kosinski.
*insert happy dance here*

Also, I’m the photographer over at Silver Birch. 

I’m awkward, so I’ll just jump right into this: I don’t want to pose you, because nobody enjoys that. I will take the awkwardness out of photoshoots, and even ask you to ignore me while I have you interact with one-another. I want to create a safe space for you, capture movement, bursts of joy + true emotion.

Tell me what made you into the person you are, your favourite colour, most embarrassing stories and what makes you want to spend forever together. Tell me how you found each other, and what had to happen in life to bring you together.

PS: I become friends with my couples, and cry at all their weddings. It’s so embarrassing, but so true.

Who am I?

The above picture is of me and my person/future husband. He is fabulous, I love him with more power than I knew possible. I made him into a bit of a coffee addict, and it’s probably my greatest accomplishment in life. My favourite dates together are flying in small planes, road trips and homemade dinner dates. He’s a freaking talented pilot, brilliant, good listener and even better kisser. Making the choice to spend the rest of my life with him is the best decision I’ve ever made.

I grew up in Uranium City, Saskatchewan. It’s a tiny fly-in community that had about 80 people in it when we moved at age 14. Fast forward 7 years and I eventually found myself in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. This is home until we choose our next adventure. I travel throughout the summer to photograph weddings; my favourite parts? Getting ready, first-looks, speeches and dances. SO good.

I love people, and love getting to spend my life photographing them.
I love coffee, especially made outdoors – especially not in Starbucks.
I’d trade a bed for a hammock any day.
I’ll always choose barefoot over heels.
Dislike diamonds, probably because society says a girl has to love them.
I believe we are all equal.
I would almost always rather be hanging out with my dog. 😉
I listen to opinions when people know why they have them.
I love running (and kissing) in the rain.

Taking your pictures is so important to me. I spend time planning your shoot, and always customize it to who you are. I’ll be your right-hand-woman at your wedding; taking so many pictures, and doing whatever I can to make your day run smoothly/be all you dreamed. I focus on moments, because they are what make life beautiful. I give you a gallery that lets you relive every detail, but more importantly, I give you an experience that you feel comfortable in, makes you love harder and laugh a lot.

I focus on mixing light, personalities & your beautiful faces to create something lovely.

If you like nontraditional weddings, adventures and love each other? Let’s talk 🙂

Pictures are just pictures – people make them beautiful.