Hey! I’m Ashley (soon to be) Kosinski.
*insert stupid-happy smile here*

Also, I’m the photographer over at Silver Birch. 

I’m a 24 year girl who loves coffee, people and adventures. I’ve got a head full of curls, a heart full of dreams and a mind full of goals.
I photograph people; always capturing movement, light, smiles and laughter. I don’t create moments, I interact with my clients and let their stories shine through my lens.

I spend my days running Silver Birch Photography, and I’m based out of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, and travel all over to take beautiful photos. I’m smitten and in love with my future husband. We have a fur babe named Remi, he’s a dog who thinks he’s human… He’s also the biggest pain in the ass, but I love him to pieces. I believe a woman is unstoppable, strong and can be anything she wants to be.
I live with PTSD and manage it with a lot of self-care and skills. I lived through a lot of years of turmoil until I finally got help. I spent a few years working my butt off in therapy, facing shame and becoming a person who could thrive in this crazy world. These are the parts of me that make Silver Birch authentic & beautiful.

My journey pushed me to start Silver Birch Photography just over a year and a half ago. Since then I’ve quit my day job and work full-time as a business owner and photographer. However, it hardly feels like a job. Most the time it feels like a time to make new friends, connect with old, be a storyteller and capture beautiful souls.

I do photography because I believe that we are all equal, everyone has a story and everyone deserves to be loved fully and completely for who they are and where they are.

Pictures are just pictures – people make them beautiful.

If you are an adventures soul & madly in love with life then I would love to be your photographer!