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flowers & milk-bath

We planned this shoot, and it went from being a milk bath to an enchanted-garden-milk-bath. It was beautiful, and almost had me in tears. The morning of this shoot I went out and picked some wild lupins. My lovely momma offered to help, and I have no idea how many we got in the end. I used a strong fishing line with a sewing … Read More flowers & milk-bath



“Sexy does not come from the shape of the body, but the fire in a soul.” -J iron wood I have been thinking so much about body-image lately. It amazes me that we have become so engrained to think one body shape is beautiful, and everything else needs to try and be like it. this is crazy. People are beautiful. Skin is beautiful. Love … Read More Christina


Boudoir & Beauty

It’s a beautiful day outside. The sun is out, it’s not -30 and there is not a single cloud in the sky. It’s a day meant to be spent outside, and I’m getting there. First? I wanted to share about my latest boudoir session. Heather was booked for her shoot, and I asked if she had any hobbies. She did, and one was painting. … Read More Boudoir & Beauty