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“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”  I think there are a hundred things children can teach us, and Malenah confirmed all of that. Last week I cleaned my lenses, checked that my batteries were fully charged and packed up my car. I met Ashley and her little lady on the side of a road somewhere, and we headed for the wild … Read More WildFlowers


Styled Bridal Shoot

Over the last couple months I’ve been really insecure about my style; mostly due to scanning so many bright and airy photographer IG pages. I wondered if I was going against the 2018 photography grain, and also wondered if that was a real bad thing. I battled back and forth for awhile, and finally decided to confidently embrace my voice and learn how to … Read More Styled Bridal Shoot


Little Aria

Welcome to the world little Aria. You are fierce, beautiful, smart and strong. This world is a crazy place, and there are countless adventures for you to embrace. You are capable of anything and everything. You are unstoppable. You have a beautiful Mama and big sister to look up to, and I’m so excited to watch you guys make the most of your life … Read More Little Aria